Is there a start time and end time?

Yes.  Coming late or leaving early is not ideal for maximum fun times, however, you are free to do so.  Please ring bell if you arrive 15 minutes past the starting time.

Is there a place to wait inside before the party starts and/or after it ends?

No. We will open the doors 3-5 minutes prior and you are expected to leave within 3-5 minutes of the end time.

Should I buy tickets in advance?

Humans that bought tickets in advance will be allowed entry first.  Those buying tickets at the door will be let in last and will have to register at the door which takes a minute. Tickets may be purchased in advance up to 20 minutes prior to start time (which is either 5:40/early party or 8:10/late party).  Any remaining tickets will be available at the door, however door ticket sales will end sharply at 15 minutes past the parties start time and the door will then lock.

If you are driving any distance, it is strongly advised to buy tickets in advance.

How will I know if there are any tickets left?

The selected party on the ticketing platform will disappear if no tickets are available.  Please check back as new parties are added.

Is this place fun to go to if I’m solo?

It is an ideal environment for solos.  It was built with solo humans in mind.

What kind of snacks do I get?

The hors d’oeuvres change nightly and there will be a small variety that may include seafood, meat, cheese, crudite, dessert, etc.  You do not order food.  It is like going to a cocktail party.


What kind of drinks do I get?

You can have what you like as long as we have it.  We offer quality spirits, wine, sparkling wine, and beer and feature various special items nightly.  

So, it is all inclusive and an open bar?


Should I bring cash to tip?

An 18% gratuity has already been added and 100% of that goes to the bartenders on duty that evening.  The bartenders and your host will accept further tips if you believe they have been truly exceptional, though it is not necessary. 

Do you accept cash for purchases?

There is nothing to purchase because everything is included in the price. The only thing we sell is an awesome T. Shirt.  If you want one, please bring a credit card, as we don’t take cash for purchases.

Do I have to bring an ID?

Yes.  All humans will be registered at the door.  Just like the airport, we don’t allow anonymous people inside.

If I am a guest (or a “plus one”) of a ticket holder, can I arrive late?

All registered ticket holders must enter with any unnamed humans.  Unnamed humans will then register their names at the door.  Registering your guests name in advance will be slightly faster in gaining entry.

What if I’m gluten free or vegan or allergic to ?, will I have something to eat?

Probably.  It’s a cocktail party with hors d’oeuvres that change nightly.  Some nights will have more options than others.  You may eat what you like and pass on items not of interest.  Those with strict dietary restrictions should not rely on a vast variety of food, nor as their reason for attending Mr. Steven’s and should plan accordingly.  We strive to have a variety of hors d’oeuvres.  Food is catered and brought in.

Am I allowed to leave and re-enter?

Yes, but you will have to ring the bell to regain entry as the door automatically locks as you exit.  The host may be busy attending to other guests and you may have to wait.

If I am waiting for an Uber or Lyft to pick me up, can I wait inside?

No.  Please make arrangements to be picked up at exactly 8pm or 10:30pm depending on what cocktail party you went to, unless you plan to leave your party early.

Can I have my own party there?

Yes.  And it’s super easy.  The easiest way is to get your people to buy up the majority of the tickets for an individual night, though it won’t be exclusive to you.  If you want an “exclusively yours” night, we can block any night off for you with a minimum of 40 tickets at $36.95/ticket.  Sunday-Thursday parties are $33.95/ticket and also require 40 guests.  We can also do private Friday and Saturday night parties from 11pm-1am.

The ART of Intercourse and Penetration.  Is this prostitution?  Is there live sex?  Is it X-rated?

I’m sorry. No. We are not that kind of place.